A quarry with heavy machinary disposing of aggregates.

Do you need help with removing or disposing large amounts of unwanted aggregate material?

We have worked on a variety of different projects over the years which include bridges to large buildings, quarries to asphalt mixing plants. 

By ensuring that we work closely with our customers, we can promise a personalised service that takes into accounts our customers wishes and needs. This means that when you come to us for aggregate processing services, you will receive a service that’s ideal for you and your company. 

What is aggregate processing and what does it mean?

Firstly what is aggregate?

Aggregate is a coarse material used in construction it is made up of sand, gravel, crushed stone, slag, recycled concrete and synthetic aggregates. Aggregates are a component of materials like concrete and asphalt, that are composite materials, aggregates are used as an addition to strengthen the concreete and asphalt, binding them together to make them stronger.

What is aggregate processing?

When buildings are demolished, bridges are torn down or any industriul building or erection is dismantled, then each of these structures goes through a process of disposal. Machines are used to screen or filter material, stone and concrete and sand is all sectioned off and the left-over aggregates are disposed of. Most aggregates are then taken to a variety of different recycling centres or are re-sold for use in other busilding projects. 

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Working on Bardon’s new asphalt mixing plant; as managing director of Ammann UK, we secured the contract and managed the construction of the plant. Working on the new site development with rail connection for the off-loading of aggregates, material distribution and storage system and Asphalt and Concrete Mixing plants. 

Bardon Aggregates

Assisting Bardon Aggregates’ development of a rapid aggregate rail off-load and storage system, and helped with the concept design engineering and construction management with Standard Havens. Working on the development of their large toast-rack aggregate storage system with associated in-feed systems and out-loading to Drum Mix plant, road truck and Rail wagon loading systems.

Foster Yeoman

Working alongside Foster Yeomen to pioneer Aggregate Rail off-load and storage depot, all housed in a huge sheeted building enclosure. Conveyor system rated at 6000 tph with largest covered aggregate storage system with traveling tripper distribution system, including Asphalt Plants. Site development with new Asphalt Mixing plant; As Managing Director of Ammann U K, secured the contract and managed the construction.


Site development with new Asphalt Mixing plant; As Managing Director of Ammann UK, secured the contract and managed the construction. As Managing Director of Ammann UK, we secured the contract and managed the construction of a used Asphalt plant from Holland.

Strachen & Henshaw

Assisted in the development of a new generation of Nuclear power stations in the early 1980’s.


High capacity Aggregate Rail off-load system with travelling tripper distribution into ground storage bays.

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