House Surveys

We offer full structural inspections of residential properties with reports. Reports can be simply verbal, brief written outline reports or full reports, and can be focused on either the entire property or on specific areas of concern.

We carry out property surveys for clients selling or buying properties, or even for clients who are just looking for some peace of mind. When you come to us for house surveys, you can trust in our careful and thorough survey.

Structural Alterations

It is very popular these days for home owners to alter the arrangement of the rooms in their property, particularly creating a single open plan kitchen dining room from two separate rooms, or creating large openings in walls to lead into extension. We have facilitated some fabulous rooms with innovative structural solutions that conform to the relevant British Standards and Building Regulations, with opening spans of up to 7 metres.

Bath is populated by predominantly old housing stock, Victorian, Edwardian and of course the beautiful Georgian houses, which were designed for a different way of life than today’s modern families demand. We frequently get called on at the very start of the creative process to give our expert opinion on what is possible in terms of structural alterations to create stunning rooms that transform the way families live.

We have delivered innovative structural solutions for over ten years, and we work closely alongside the client’s architects, builders and kitchen designers to achieve the desired room layout.

Loft Conversions

We have been involved in the structural solutions for countless loft conversions, with every conceivable arrangement of roofing. Through loft conversions, our clients can take full advantage of the offered space. There are many things that can be done with an extra room, and we want to ensure that you can use this space to its full potential. We frequently work closely alongside our clients, their architects and builders to deliver the optimum solution for the property.

Basement Conversions

We have carried out numerous structural solutions for increasing living space below ground, again very popular in the historic city of Bath where many of the city centre properties have usable space below ground level. We always work closely alongside out clients and their contracted workers to ensure that the structural solutions we provide are suited for the client’s property.

Chimney Removal Advice

We are frequently asked to provide structural advice and solutions for clients wishing to create that extra space in rooms and layout options. We’ve provided many customers with help when they considered removing their chimney, and we’ve kept up constant contact with these customers.

Frame Analysis

We can perform a frame analysis in steel or timber. We’ve analysed everything from timber roof trusses to the steel frames of buildings. All of the work we provide is carried out by a professional and friendly member of the Institution of Structural Engineer, with many years of experience.

All of the calculations concur to the appropriate British Standards and Building Regulation requirements.


We can design and check masonry wall panels and columns to BS 5268. We also design and inspect retaining walls to ensure safety and stability. We can design using masonry, reinforced masonry, concrete and gabion stone boxes, materials that are frequently needed on the steep slopes of Bath for houses and gardens.

Design or Checking in Timber

We can design structural timber solutions for lintels, roof structures or complex arrangements in timber framing to BS 5268 standards.

Concrete Design

We design footings, pad foundations and raft foundations for all manner of property development. We usually start this process by witnessing trial hole digging to establish precisely the nature of the ground conditions, and design the foundations accordingly and to optimum financial constraints.


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