A house that has had structural engineering services carried out with a survey inspection report

Professional Structural Engineer Services in Bath, UK.

The structure of any building is essential. Whether that building is a standard residential house or a complicated, commercial skyscraper, ensuring that the structure is stable and sound is essential. At Andrew Lewis Consulting, we can provide you with top quality service and promise a safe, secure building.

Andrew Lewis has carried out inspections on hundreds of quarry plants, sand and gravel plants, Concrete Plants, Asphalt Mixing Plants, Wharfs, Steelworks and bridges for a variety of clients throughout the UK & Ireland.

Structural engineering isn’t just about the safety of the building. It’s also about making that building as unique and attractive as possible. There’s an incredible range of ways that a building can be personalised, with numerous materials, decorations, techniques and styles that can be used in the development of the building. By taking advantage of this incredible range of possibilities, you can be sure that the result is a gorgeous building that’s perfect for its role.


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